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  • What is DEMCiflex ?

    DEMCiflex is a Computer & Electronic Dust Filter witch made in South Africa. DEMCiflex dust filters will effectively stops dust and dirt from entering your office computers, workshop and household electronic equipments. Can be used to protect Servers, Audio-Visual studio, UPS’s, Printers, Telecommunication and other electronic hardwares. Your equipment will run cooler, quieter and quicker for longer Period.


    Dust is by far the main cause of PC and other electronic hardware malfunctions and failures as it has been proved to be the cause of more than 70% of all hardware performance issues. Be it directly or indirectly.

    Heat sinks were designed to drain the heat away from its source and transfer it to the moving air that will dissipate it further. The air that fans draw into the computer case, to do this, may contain everything from dust, smoke, dirt and even small insects. All of this gets drawn into the case and although some of it may leave the case through exhaust fans, the bigger and heavier of these particles will gradually build up on the inside of the case and between all components. As dust accumulates in the nooks and crannies of your computer normal airflow will be obstructed which will cause more and finer particles to be trapped. Components and parts that provide and assist with the cooling function, are the worst affected as it was designed for most of the cooling air to flow over and through these parts.

    Unless you are in a dust proof room, the buildup of dust and dirt cannot be prevented and air will continuously be drawn towards and through your PC (or Mac) as a result of the flow caused by the fans. Heat will slowly build up in components and inside the case The affect that this has on the operation of the computer is dramatic.
    The user may notice that the computer becomes sluggish or freeze more often. Fans may start to become noisy and if left, may eventually grind to a halt, leaving the machine with no cooling at all. This leads to an unpleasant computing experience, frustration and needless repair bills.
    The easiest way to stop the continuous buildup of dust and to keep your computer working at it's peak, is by keeping the dust out in the first place and the easiest way of doing this is by fitting DEMCiflex Computer Dust Filters to the outside of your computer case.
    It will stop dust from entering the case without affecting the airflow adversely, so heat can dissipate freely from clean components and allow your system to perform at it's best all the time.

  • WHY CHOOSE DEMCiflex Dust Filters?

    When considering fitting dust filters to your computer to protect it, there is a number of factors to consider and some questions to ask.
    These include:

    • What is the filter's ability to stop dust effectively without negatively influencing airflow?

    DEMCiflex Air Filters has only one thin layer of high precision medical grade synthetic meshes to filtering maximize the airflow to dust caught. This ensures that high air flow and supply is maintained while filtering out the harmful dust.


    • How easy is the filter to fit?

    You do not need tools, screws or glue to fit these filters as it fits to the intake vents of external surface of case by way of a built-in magnetic frame. For Non-Ferrous cases like carbon fiber or aluminum, we supply you with a peel and stick frame that fits to the case where the filter needs to be fitted.

    • How easy is the filter to clean?

    Filter has to be kept clean. Blocked filters will impede the cooling of your machine. That is why it has to be easy and quick to clean. DEMCiflex Filters can be cleaned and replaced in less than a minute. Simply remove the filter by hand and wipe the dust and dirt off using a soft brush or mesh is extremely durable and can be washed with water.

    • Is it reusable?

    DEMCiflex Computer dust filters can be reused for longer period of time.

    • Is the filter able to be used on any shape and size air intake ( fanned or unfanned) and on uneven surfaces?

    As computer and electronics cases are so different, DEMCiflex can be made in any size shape or colour. It can be made in any configuration or any other custom configuration you might need. It can be branded with any graphics, logos or details you might require.

    • Does it have a warning system to remind the user when to clean the filter?

    DEMCiflex provide Filter Alarm software that is free to download from this site under downloads. Once installed this small program can be set to your conditions to alert you to clean your filters.

  • DEMCiflex Range of Products


    DEMCiflex Computer and Electronic Dust Fan filters are available in an array of choices and combinations that are divided into two main categories: Standard and Custom.


    Standard Filters were designed to correspond with all the standard sized fans. Filter shapes available are square / rectangle or round. Custom filters have case specific designs to fit your case exactly. Both these categories may be ordered in both black or white filtering mesh and the filter frame in any colour or metallic finishes. The filter above is what the standard range consist of currently.


    You need a filter of a specific shape, size and finish that you don't spot on these pages or you want to brand your company's details and logo onto a filter to keep in your customers sight?
    Send us the measurements and artwork and we will manufacture it to your specifications. There are no minimum quantities and you may order a single custom filter to suit your specific needs. These are ideal for newer style gaming cases that has high air flow and lots of fans.


    DEMCiflex Classic filters is available in the following colours with either black or white filtering mesh.


    Rainbow range of filters is available in any colour of the rainbow.


    This range has brushed and smooth metallic finishes. It may also be ordered in a variety of chrome colors like blue, red etc,


    The ultra-violet reactive range is available in these colors,

  • QUICK GUIDE to using DEMCiflex Filters

    DEMCiflex Computer and Electronic Dust Filters fits over the air intakes of your computer by way of a built-in magnetic frame. It was designed to fit on the outside of the case and needs no screws, tools or special skills. The design allows everybody to use it no matter what their skill level. No need to open the case.

    To determine which vents are intakes we suggest making use of a sheet of paper. With the computer or electronic unit switched on and running, loosely hold a sheet of thin paper in front of every vent opening or grill. If the sheet moves closer to the case and get sucked against it, then you would know that this vent is an intake vent and needs to be filtered. Choose the filter(s) that would best cover that opening.

    (The sizes of the standard filters are listed .If the size that you require is not available as a standard filter. Please feel free to contact us to order the size and shape you require.)

    If case is non-ferrous (it has no iron in it's composition so that a magnet is not attracted to it) we supply you with a peel and stick magnetic frame that is fitted onto your PC case, around the air intake area. DEMCiflex Dust Filter will attach to this frame, making it easy to remove and clean when necessary. We also offer free Filter Alarm Software that will alert you when the filter needs cleaning.
    (Refer Download Page)

    • Switch on the unit that you want to protect against dust

    • Using a thin sheet of paper, determine where the air intakes on the unit are situated. Hold the sheet lightly and run it along the outer surfaces of the case. Pay special attention to where ventilation holes and fans are situated. If the sheet gets drawn towards the case it will indicate that air is flowing in that direction and thus gets drawn into the case. Take note where these intakes are situated, as it is these intakes that will need to be filtered.

    • Measure the size of these intakes as indicated in the figure above.

    • Look on the chart by clicking here to determine which DEMCiflex Filter will cover the whole intake vent.

    • Install the free Filter alarm software that can be downloaded.

    • Keep an eye on the filters to determine how regularly it needs cleaning. Set the alarm accordingly.

    • If the filters get really dirty it may be cleaned by setting it down on a flat surface and gently brush it with a small brush (toothbrush is ideal) and soapy water. Rinse under tap and dry thoroughly before refitting it to your unit.


    • Do not cover exhaust vents like the vent on the back of your power supply unit with any filter.

    • Expose DEMCiflex PC Dust Filters to strong magnets as this will demagnetize the built-in magnet or weaken it. Exessive heat will tend to do the same.

    • Do not bend DEMCiflex PC Dust Filter sharply.

  • DEMCiflex Protect not only Computers

    Although DEMCiflex Dust filters are mainly used for keeping dust out of computer equipment, It may be used to protect all electronic devices from the ingress of dust and dirt. This includes.

    • Computers, UPS's and printers

    • Telecommunication devices and cabinets

    • Any size U rack mounted modules and cabinets

    • Audio-visual devices and studio equipment

    • Projectors and cinema equipment

    • Home and professional sound equipment

    • Televisions and home entertainment devices

    • Satellite Decoders

    • All industrial electronic equipment

    • All electronic laboratory equipment

    • Mig, Tig and laser equipment

    • Medical electronic equipment

    • Base station amplifiers and receivers

    • Household and workshop electronic devices and equipment