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Doctor IT offers a wide range of IT services to all types of businesses large and small. No matter what your needs are we are able to help you with expert IT services that will enable you to relax, Knowing that your IT is being looked after by IT Specialists that care.

  • Fully Outsourced Contract Support

    Sometimes the only solution is to fully outsource your IT infrastructure. That is why it makes sense to partner with an external organization that can provide the necessary IT expertise and experience that will ensure that your IT investment is always kept running smoothly and consistently. Doctor IT Outsourced support contract provides a fixed cost maintenance plan.

  • Preventative Maintenance Support

    Maintaining your equipment along with regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance visits ensure reliability and extends the life of the instrument. Your equipment is a critical part of your business and downtime is one of the most expensive results of even minimal neglect. A simple preventive maintenance can keep your computer performing at its best and avoid costly problems later on.

    • Preventive Maintenance Saves Money

    Avoiding problems with your PC will save you money in the long run,

    • Preventive Maintenance Saves Time

    It saves you the much bigger hassles of dealing with system failures and data loss.

    • Preventive Maintenance Helps Safeguard Your Data

    The data on the hard disk is more important than the hardware. Taking steps to protect this data therefore makes sense.

    • Preventive Maintenance Improves Performance

    Preventive maintenance will help to improve the speed of your system in these respects.

  • Repair Services

    We provide reliable and affordable Repairs Services to Our Client ranges from corporate to Individuals.

    We specialize in the repairs of
    Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Printers, CRT Monitors, LCD Monitors, and UPS etc…

    We offer on-site support. And free Pickup and delivery.

  • Upgrading Services

    We can provide and upgrade your current PC with more memory, new DVD drives, bigger faster hard drives, faster video cards, or any other upgrade you may require. If you are thinking of buying a complete new computer system then we can help you work out what you need so you into buying something you don't really need.

  • Hardware & Accessories Supply

    Doctor IT Can Supply Hardware and Other IT Accessories whatever you need.

  • Data Recovery Services

    We offer data recovery services for all damaged data media such as hard drives and other media. Common drive failure, corruption, viruses, or accidental file deletion, to damage from power surges. In most cases we may reclaim your data.

    We provide all kinds of computer help for our customers including safety tips and consultations for healthy computing. Join our small but fast growing clientele and relax by placing your IT issues in the hands of our team which believes that nothing is impossible.